First Cotopaxi Tent, Techo 3, Supports Three People

Cotopaxi tent - Techo 3

Known best for its clothing, Cotopaxi recently debuted its first tent. Called Techo 3, the lightweight Cotopaxi tent supports three campers or hikers and is billed as “perfect for far-flung adventures and local backpacking trips alike.”

At first blush the Cotopaxi tent seems pretty standard. But, unlike many lightweight tents (its max weight is 6.5 pounds), the Techo 3 truly seems built to support three seasons of camping. It doesn’t seem to have enough warm creature comforts to support winter adventures, but if you’re prone to being cold and/or have Raynaud’s syndrome, you’re not likely to consider winter camping anyway.

Cotopaxi’s double-wall tent is pretty spacious, with dimensions of 89″ x 57″ x 44″ and extended sidewalls so each hiker/camper can stretch out. Its total floor space of 42.5 square feet won’t replace your bedroom, but that’s definitely enough room for three people plus gear, or maybe two parents and two young children if you’re “car camping” and can leave your stuff in a vehicle overnight.

Staying dry is an important part of staying warm. Fortunately, the Techo 3‘s waterproof rain fly is made from 68D 210T Poly Ripstop and features welded and taped pole attachments to keep the elements out. However, I’m intrigued by the Cotopaxi tent having doors on either side of the tent. I haven’t been outdoors as often in recent years as I will be from now on, but that seems pretty radical. Aside from what doors on two sides might mean for rain leaking in, I’m curious whether there are any wind-related consequences of sleeping in what amounts to a zipped-up tunnel.

With that said, Cotopaxi definitely knows its cold-weather stuff, so I’m going to give it the benefit of the doubt. True, this Cotopaxi tent is the clothing company’s first such outing, but it’s unlikely that their product design team set their stay-warm sensibilities aside for their tent. Heck, they thought of a mesh iPad storage shelf and gear sacks, so it’s hard to believe they spaced out on the heat factor.

If you’re one of the early buyers of the new Cotopaxi tent and care to share you opinions of it, especially where warmth is concerned, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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