Kyocera Ceramic Camp Kitchen Knife Review

Kyocera ceramic camp kitchen knife

In spite of perceptions that ceramic is delicate and just for dishware, ceramic knives have been around for decades. Have you ever cut yourself on a chipped ceramic bowl? There’s a reason: this stuff is sharp. So it stands to reason that ceramic, if in a durable form, makes a nice, sharp knife. It does, and Kyocera has been making them for years. The Kyocera ceramic camp kitchen knife was the first time I’d considered taking one outdoors, though.

The 4-inch blade is protected by a heavy-duty nylon sheath to protect it around camp. According to Kyocera, ceramic stays sharper up to 10 times longer than steel blades. It also won’t rust when used in wet locations. Both of those are good features if you’re headed out for a while.

For health nuts, ceramic also avoids transferring metal ions to food. And make no mistake, you’ll be using this exclusively on food, not for any sort of woodcutting. The blade on the Kyocera ceramic camp kitchen knife is very sharp, cutting through vegetables, meats and fish easily. It also washes up in a flash. The blade’s 4-inch length restricts you somewhat to certain food sizes, but I had no trouble cutting through large onions and other vegetables. The blade is divot-free, though, so food does stick to the blade as you chop.

Ceramic’s primary downfall is its universal utility. While some outdoors-y knives can be used for just about any cutting purpose, the Kyocera ceramic camp kitchen knife tells you right there in its name how you should use it: in the camp kitchen. The care instructions warn against using the knife to cut cheese, to do any boning, or to pry or cut frozen foods. The reason’s simple: bending or prying can break the blade. Ceramic is sharp, not indestructible.

The knife is well made, however, and it comes with a well-constructed, nylon sheath that can be fastened to a belt loop. The knife fits easily into the sheath but doesn’t slip out due to a secondary, Velcro clasp at the top of the handle. This makes it very handy for toting around camp or between campsites. It’s also an ideal size to have at your side; not too large, but big enough to be an important part of campsite cooking. And because of the lightweight nature of ceramics, having this on your hip will not weigh you down.

Caring for the Kyocera ceramic camp kitchen knife is as easy as pie. You can clean it with a simple hand-wash and dry, and keeping it in its form-fitted sheath ensures it won’t bend or break unnecessarily. I’d never considered a ceramic knife for camping, but Kyocera’s new one performed really well teamed-up with the Primus Onja Stove and Campfire Cookset. It’s not the best if you only have room for a single blade for cooking, boning and occasional cutting. But if you can double-up to include a specialized blade for cooking, this is a good option.

The Kyocera ceramic camp kitchen knife was provided for review. All opinions and words are my own and honest, and the article above contains no affiliate links.

Kyocera Ceramic Camp Kitchen Knife

Kyocera Ceramic Camp Kitchen Knife


8.0 /10


8.0 /10


10.0 /10


8.5 /10


  • Super sharp blade
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to care for


  • As the label says, it's best suited for a single application
  • No boning? That eliminates one of the key facets of any camp kitchen near a lake
  • Not much horizontal flexibility

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