MyPakage Weekday First Layer and Action Series Review

MyPakage Weekday First Layer

I had no idea that my exploration of various long johns would lead me to write as much about warmth as it would about chafing. Normally long johns offer enough material that thigh-rubbing is a moot point. But lo and behold, several companies have made their mark by imbuing their long johns and active wear with a special pouch that keeps your junk from rubbing against your thighs. I most recently had the chance to try the MyPakage Weekday First Layer long johns, as well as their Active Series for more athletic activities. Both lived up to their non-chafing billing, but they suffered from the same fatal flaw.

The MyPakage Weekday First Layer and Active Series are similar to the Saxx Blacksheep and Saxx Sub-Zero long johns in that they have a pouch that’s physically set apart from the rest of the underwear by material. The most notable difference with the MyPakage underwear is that the separation seems much more deliberate. Whereas the Saxx long johns use a rather narrow piece of fabric, MyPakage’s apparel has a much wider separator that creates a sort of “separate room” for your junk. MyPakage calls this separate area a “keyhole.” I call it comfortable.

Aside from the keyhole area being comfy, the MyPakage Weekday First Layer and Active Series in general are comfortable to wear. I worried a bit about the drying and wicking components of the Active Series in particular, as those are supposedly designed for high-octane wear but are polyester rather than wool. However, the MyDry fabric that they incorporate really does pull moisture away from the body and helps the underwear dry quickly. For those concerned about such things, the MyDry’s also anti-microbial to keep odors to a minimum.

The Weekday First Layer also uses the MyDry material, though I found that the Active Series seemed a bit better when it came to breathability. I never felt like I was wrapped in rubber, but the material in the First Layer is 95% modal and 5% spandex, and the difference in composition was notable in terms of overall comfort when hitting the gym or tackling a hilly hike.

Unfortunately, both the MyPakage Weekday First Layer and Active Series share what in my mind is a fatal flaw. I’ve tried to come up with a non-crass way to say it, but there’s really isn’t one. So, here goes: they may have a “keyhole,” but they don’t have a “pee hole.” You know that flap of material that guys can easily open up to do their business after just unzipping their pants? It’s not there. Without that flap, answering Mother Nature’s call requires you to completely undo a belt, button, zipper and pull down the long johns. Maybe I’m in the minority, and most guys undo all that belt/button/zipper work every time they go pee. Maybe I should learn to tolerate the extra eight seconds to get situated before and after taking care of business. Maybe I’m just impatient. But, that omission was a total deal breaker for me. Saxx found a way to make it work with their junk-only area. Why couldn’t MyPakage?

For everything else MyPakage did right — the sweet designs throughout the Action Series, the overall comfort, the non-chafing success, the lack of laundry-related shrinking — the simple lack of a pee hole means I’ll probably only wear these as a last resort or for incredibly short durations. They seemed to have decent spring-appropriate insulation qualities, and I was really interested to learn more about their merino-wool long johns coming later in 2016. But in order to keep my interest, those merino wool versions better not lack the “easy access” flap that the MyPakage Weekday First Layer and Active Series are missing. For undies that are clearly designed with guys in mind, it’s hard to imagine that essential feature went overlooked.

The MyPakage Weekday First Layer and Active Series were provided for review. All opinions and words are my own and honest, and the article contains no affiliate links.

MyPakage Weekday First Layer and Active Series

MyPakage Weekday First Layer and Active Series


5.0 /10


8.0 /10


8.5 /10


8.5 /10


7.5 /10


  • They combat chafing like a champ
  • Decent insulation for spring/summer, but not ideal for winter
  • They don't shrink when washed
  • Anti-microbial features minimize odors


  • No quick-access flap for doing your business is a total miss
  • Weekday First Layer has a low-rise height, which leads to occasional plumber crack

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