National Park Buffs Make their Debut for NPS Centennial

National Park Buffs

The U.S. National Park Service is celebrating its centennial in 2016 with a variety of activities. The one that hikers, campers and outdoor adventurers might be most excited about is the Free Entrance Days promotion, which still includes 15 days of no admission fees. But what should you wear when going into a Park for free? Buff Inc. has an idea: a series of National Park buffs that honor some of the nation’s most popular public areas.

Buff Inc. launched this commemorative series with six National Park buffs. That translates to just over 10 percent of the total Park population; there are currently 58 National Parks in the United States. The National Park buffs available at launch represent Glacier, Grand Canyon, Great Smoky Mountains, Rocky Mountain, Yellowstone and Yosemite.

“We launched with some of the most popular (frequently visited) parks. We also tried to cover a solid geographic region so we could appeal to a national audience,” said Erin Duckhorn, Buff Inc. Marketing Manager. “It’s definitely a challenge because everybody has their favorite park and we can’t cover them all, but there’s sure to be one that’s close to everyone’s heart in the launch collection.”

So, how many more National Park buffs can we expect in the future? And when will they launch?

“We’re not totally sure right now how many more we’ll add, but they’ve been really well received and we’re working on it!” Duckhorn said. “We love ALL our amazing National Parks.”

Don’t we all, Erin. Don’t we all….

Each of the National Park buffs uses artwork inspired by vintage posters, a nod by Buff Inc. to the Parks’ “legacy and history with a retro vibe.” This artwork is printed on the company’s UV BUFF headwear, which blocks 95% of ultraviolet rays and offers more than 12 different wearing options. For instance, while you could wear one of the National Park buffs as a simple ‘do rag, that’d be a total waste. You can also use it as a headband, cap or a balaclava. The latter option seems particularly good for those frosty mornings or times when you need to keep the dust out of your mouth and nose.

I had a chance to see these new buffs briefly at Outdoor Retailer – Winter Market in January, and they looked amazing in person. If you’re a fan of the Park system and find yourself drawn to buffs, you should give these a serious look.

And in case you needed more motivation: a portion of the proceeds from the National Park buffs will go toward the American Hiking Society, which promotes and protects foot trails and surrounding natural areas across the nation.

The National Park buffs are available now for $25 each from the Buff Inc. website.

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