Oros Spring 2017 Apparel Intros Quarter-Zip, Leggings

Oros Spring 2017 apparel

New clothing companies are hitting the crowdfunding platforms with increased regularity. Not all of them take off, and not all have innovative ideas. Oros Apparel had a successful liftoff, in part because of its unique use of NASA-inspired aerogel for insulation. Their winter gear’s running strong, and I hope to review some of it soon. Yet with warmer months on the horizon, the Oros Spring 2017 apparel lineup has just been unveiled, and it features some new items.

The company’s winter line was anchored by a jacket and snow pants. There’s a jacket and legwear in the new clothes as well. But this time those items are an insulated shell and leggings for shoulder-season use.

Called the Rover Series, the Oros Spring 2017 apparel lineup continues the space-inspired naming scheme. (The Winter line was called Orion.) But the name is more than clever; it seems indicative of what owners are supposed to do in their springtime clothes. Move around diverse landscapes, not just stick to the slopes.

The Insulated Shell Jacket ($225) is designed for protection from wind, water and cold, with the company’s SolarCore used for zonal warmth and breathability. SolarCore is Oros’ proprietary insulation adapted from NASA‘s aerogel, which was originally used in spaceships and spacesuits. According to Oros, SolarCore aerogel has the lowest thermal conductivity of any solid and is two times more effective than traditional insulators such as goose down, even at one-fifth of the thickness.

Oros’ Insulated Quarter-Zip shirt ($120) also uses SolarCore, but adds exclusive moisture-wicking fabric. During my meeting with Oros in August 2016, company co-founder Michael Markesbery said their SolarCore technology is unique among aerogels because it can actually be worn, lived-in and washed. Using SolarCore in this new 1/4-zip certainly shows Oros putting their money where their mouth is. After all, you’ll definitely be washing this item over time. (You can read other comments from Michael in my two-part interview with Oros: Part 1 and Part 2.)

The Oros Spring 2017 apparel spans more than just tops — and more than just clothes for dudes. The company’s Women’s Insulated Leggings ($120) were designed for performance, as their use of SolarCore eliminates the need for layering with low-profile insulation. The Women’s Leggings also have four-way stretch, moisture-wicking compression fabric and a no-dig waistband and hip pocket.

Rounding out the 2017 Rover Series is Oros’ Women’s Insulated Headband ($25). Engineered for zonal warmth and moisture management, the Women’s Insulated Headband features SolarCore placement and lightweight, quick-drying fabric that moves moisture to the surface.

The Oros Spring 2017 apparel will be available in the weeks ahead from Oros’ website.

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