Patrol USA Canvas Pants Straddle Outdoor, Everyday Use

Patrol USA canvas pants - Patrol USA .32 pants

Canvas pants tend to have a bad reputation. Carhartt seems to have the market cornered, but their pants are perceived as thick, heavy, work-only garb that never sees use off the job site. Sure they’re durable, but if it feels like you’re walking around in cardboard, they won’t be top of mind when choosing clothes for outdoor activities. A new pair of Patrol USA canvas pants aims to bring a little freedom-of-movement shine back to the world of canvas pants.

Patrol USA’s latest Kickstarter campaign follows on the heels of a successful push last year to “reimagine the classic work pant.” The resulting double-knee chore pant was well received. This year’s model looks even better, and that opinion is clearly shared by others. The company’s almost hit its fundraising goal, and its campaign still has 20 days to go.

The new Patrol USA canvas pants are still billed as “no frills,” but that’s not to say they’re without style. In fact, they look damn good. What’s more important was Patrol USA’s decision to blend 12.5 oz cotton canvas with 2% spandex, freeing the pants from the “feels like cardboard” shackles that bind most working man’s pants.

This seemingly minor change also means the new “.32” Patrol USA canvas pants might apply to outdoor activities that demand durability. In addition, the company has replaced the cotton thread from its previous pants with a stronger synthetic material, and they’ve increased the use of triple stitching at vulnerable stress points.

Translation: the .32 pants are as tough as nails, but without the rigidity.

Their design also lends itself to smaller footwear such as light hiking shoes, climbing shoes and sandals. Yet Austin Foote, who co-founded Patrol USA with his brother Howard, the pants “still accommodate your shit kickers.”

You can read more about the .32 Patrol USA canvas pants at the Kickstarter link above. The pants are slated to be available in four colors — blue, brown, gray and green — and will ship in October. Campaign backers can also request any “custom size” waist under 40 inches.

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