REI Motility Rain Jacket Review

REI Motility rain jacket - women's rain jacket

Summer may be just a few weeks away, but you wouldn’t know it by the amount of rain we’re getting in the Northwest. Luckily that’s given me a bit more time to field-test the REI Motility rain jacket, which is surprisingly affordable compared to other waterproof options but holds up just as well. I’d looked for a long time at coats using four-way stretch material but hadn’t taken the plunge until this one arrived on my door. Now I’m not turning back.

REI‘s jacket is very soft and comfortable, and the four-way stretch material makes it very easy to move in. As I said, I’ve never worn anything like it, and my extended time with the REI Motility rain jacket has made me prefer it over my other coats. It has just enough compression without feeling tight, kind of like wearing a gentle hug.

Although Jonas gets colder than I do, I’ve noticed that the REI Motility rain jacket definitely helps me stay warm. As a medium-weight wind/rain jacket, it’s warmer than my waterproof shell, but not overly hot like an insulated jacket. I have been wearing it in weather ranging from the low 40s to mid-60s. Normally I have to wear a down or thick-knit sweater under my rain shell, but the REI Motility rain jacket keeps me warm enough with just regular clothes underneath. One reason I think it keeps me warmer than a normal rain shell is because it’s great at wind protection, which cuts the cold.

The jacket holds up really well in rainy conditions, which is obviously the whole point of going with this coat. In everything from light mist to normal spring showers, the rain just beads-up on the coat. In really heavy downpours I noticed that some areas seem to absorb a little moisture into the material, but it never made it through the outside to get me wet.

Some of the features I most appreciated were the number of hood adjustments you can make to have it fit right and having mesh pockets inside to minimize bulk. I hate to say it, but reducing bulk is a big thing for a woman’s rain coat. Yet in spite of reduced bulk, the pockets are still large, so they fit a lot of items.

I have recommended the REI Motility rain jacket to multiple friends, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone else who asked. I’ve had several people try it on just to feel the four-way stretch material. It is a great Portland jacket for everyday wear in cool to slightly warm temperatures, and keeps you dry and away from the wind. The only potential downfall is the Arctic Blue color, which is a little light and can show dirt. But the jacket washes up clean, so it isn’t really an issue, and the color gets me a lot of compliments. Overall, this is an ideal rain coat for spring and fall.

The REI Motility rain jacket was provided for review. All opinions and words are my own and honest, and the article contains no affiliate links.

REI Motility Rain Jacket

REI Motility Rain Jacket


9.5 /10


8.5 /10


9.0 /10


9.8 /10


  • Flattering fit - not too tight and not too loose
  • Four-way stretch fabric lets you move around easily
  • Great combo of waterproof and windproof


  • Heavy rain seems to soak in, though it doesn't seep inside
  • Lighter colors show dirt easily, so you may need to wash often

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