Salmon Sisters Legacy Boots Review

Salmon Sisters Legacy boots

The rain in the Pacific Northwest started in October this year, and it still hasn’t stopped. That makes it the perfect time to test XTRATUF’s new Salmon Sisters Legacy boots. These boots aren’t meant for warmth, but staying dry often equates to warmth. The Salmon Sisters themselves are from Alaska, so they obviously know a bit about both insulation and waterproofing. This is one case where choosing one over the other works just fine.

The Salmon Sisters Legacy boots are coated several times for a seamless barrier. This makes them 100% waterproof but also resists many chemicals and contaminants for those of you on a farm or who like to putter in the yard like I do. I chose to review the 15-inch version, but XTRATUF also makes a 12-inch height.

Often you think of 100% waterproof rubber boots and your feet immediately start to hurt. These Salmon Sister boots are (gasp!) actually comfortable to wear, with a cork sole and soft interior. I have worn them for most of a day of yardwork and never felt uncomfortable. One thing to note is that I chose the size wisely. I usually wear a 6.5, and I went for a size 7 in these boots. My recommendation is that if you’re in-between sizes, size up.

They are not too heavy as some boots can be, so you don’t feel like you are hauling around an extra 5 pounds on each foot. They also have a chevron grip on the bottom, so you never feel that you are going to slip in the rain, mud or muck.

Speaking of rain, my feet have never gotten wet under many conditions. I have submerged the Salmon Sisters Legacy boots to near the top and never felt any leakage. You can enjoy the freedom of mud, puddles, streams and rain without any concern of wet feet. Likewise, if you get them dirty you can just hose them off without any fear of wet feet.

Functionality aside, one of the fun aspects of these boots is their printed interior. It is soft on the inside, but also creates a bit of fun when you fold the top of the boot down. Suddenly, you have bright octopus or salmon as a cuff at the top of the boot. It makes a very functional boot attractive enough to wear just about anywhere.

My only concern is one I have with most boots: as they age, the inner lining and outer rubber often come apart at the top rim. I haven’t experienced that with these boots, but I can see how it might happen after years of use. Again, it’s not a specific concern with the Salmon Sisters Legacy boots; it’s just a concern I have about this type of boot in general. I’ve often wondered whether a seam could be stitched around the top to keep the two together and secure.

Bottom line: the Salmon Sisters Legacy boots are extremely durable, usable and have a nice bit of whimsy with the printed interior. If you’re looking for a boot that doesn’t sacrifice form or function, these new XTRATUF Salmon Sisters boots are a great buy. They’d make a practical gift for yourself, or a fun gift to give a friend.

XTRATUF Salmon Sisters Legacy Boots

XTRATUF Salmon Sisters Legacy Boots


8.9 /10


7.0 /10


10.0 /10


8.5 /10


8.4 /10


  • Waterproof without fail
  • Interior patterns are a nice, fun touch
  • Two different heights if you like boots taller or shorter
  • Good grip to stay stable on slippery surfaces


  • Will the lining and exterior separate over time?
  • No insulation value, though staying dry helps with heat retention

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  • April 20, 2018 at 10:40 pm

    Salmon sister boots didn’t last long. They leak.


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