VentureHeat Heated Hoodie: Possibly the Perfect Way to Beat the Cold

VentureHeat Heated Hoodie

Unveiled on Indiegogo today is quite possibly the best way to beat the cold this winter. Or next spring. Or when you’re camping in the mountains next summer. That’s just how impressive the VentureHeat Heated Hoodie looks.

Wearing layers is often seen as the best way to stay warm outside, but relying exclusively on layers has its faults. The VentureHeat Heated Hoodie looks to deep-six those faults for good by letting you wear a single outer layer that still keeps you toasty. VentureHeat’s calling it “Evolve.” I’m calling it a godsend.

VentureHeat is known for its heated clothing and gloves, but its products are sometimes perceived as being only for extremists. What better way to kill the extremist label than embracing the Mark Zuckerberg uniform? The Evolve Heated Hoodie uses any 2-amp or higher USB battery to turn the hoodie into a personal electric blanket. With a heating element on the back and one on each chest area, there’s no denying this thing will keep you warm. And if you decide to not power-up the battery, the heated hoodie also has natural insulation through a full interior fleece lining.

The heated hoodie offers three heat settings, each activated by a button on the chest. When set to 125 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll have an estimated 3.5 hours of battery life. At 115 degrees the battery usage increases to about 7.5 hours, while you can eek out an estimated 12 hours of battery life with the temperature set at 105 degrees.

With all the battery talk, it’s tempting to think you’ll never wash the VentureHeat heated hoodie. Not so. Once the battery’s removed, the hoodie’s totally machine washable in cold water and can be tumbled dry on low.

I have every intention of contributing to this campaign, and I’ll share my impressions once the VentureHeat heated hoodie ends up in my mailbox. On the surface it seems VentureHeat has thought of everything, from functionality to comfort to washability. I can’t wait to run this Evolve heated hoodie through its paces outdoors.

Jonas Allen

Jonas spent 17 years covering travel, technology and entertainment for regional and international media. He now writes about gear, clothes and tips to stay warm. He hopes his lessons will help other people who get cold (re)discover the great outdoors.

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