Tubbs Unveils FLEX Hike Snowshoes for Pre-Teens

Tubbs FLEX Hike Showshoes

Tubbs Snowshoes has unveiled a new showshoe style designed for those “tweenagers” in your family. Called the FLEX Hike Snowshoes, the new model will join athe roster of Tubbs‘ five other showshoes for kids when they ship in 2016.

The FLEX Hike Snowshoes will make its debut at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in January. It’s scheduled to to appear in “select retail shops” in the fall of 2016. Sorry to get your hopes up for getting this new setup as a last-minute Christmas 2015 gift. Maybe next year.

Tubbs’ FLEX Hike Snowshoes are specifically designed for kids between 8 and 12 years-old. In that age range, kids have probably outgrown most of the traditional kids snowshoes out there but aren’t yet ready to step into an adult-sized shoe. The recommended shoe size for the FLEX Hike Snowshoes is between a Jr. 3 to Adult 10.

With an MSRP of $94.95, it may be tempting to think “hmm, an Adult 10. Maybe I can fit my foot into that one and save a few bucks.” The functionality of the FLEX Hike Snowshoes only furthers that temptation. They have traction rails, QuickLock2 binding, and — a first for Tubbs’ kids’ snowshoes — have a heel lift.

But it’s best to avoid the temptation. Although the FLEX Hike Snowshoes are feature-packed, they really are designed for kids. If nothing else, the adult-sized models will support adult-sized weights.

THe frame of the Torsion Deck allows torsional articulation, while its rotating toe cord has a rotation limiter to reduce cardio-respiratory strain by 7 percent. In terms of traction, the FLEX Hike Snowshoes offer traction rails and a toe crampon to provide grip for slippery conditions. The QuickLock2 binding also makes binding and locking a breeze for youngsters.

In a statement announcing the FLEX Hike Snowshoes, Kelsey Boyce, Tubbs Snowshoes’ global marketing manager, said “We wanted to make a snowshoe that would let an adventurous older child keep up with their parents. The FLEX Hike’s extensive traction, paired with its heel lift, gives kids the opportunity to approach more aggressive terrain, while still being great for playing in the park.”

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