Glovely Cozy Gloves Review

Glovely Cozy Gloves

When you’re just trying to overcome the cold, you’re not going to start by tackling extreme adventures. Things start simply. When you have Raynaud’s syndrome, that means keeping your feet and hands warm. I’ve tackled a few different gloves already and had mixed results. The Glovely Sport Softshell gloves performed nicely but didn’t keep my hands warm in sub-45-degree temperatures. Likewise, the Showers Pass Crosspoint gloves were unmatched in waterproofing but too thin to keep my hands warm. But the Glovely Cozy gloves are billed as the company’s “warmest gloves ever,” so I dove into this review with a hefty dose of optimism.

The word “cozy” often connotes something snuggly and warm. The Glovely Cozy gloves hit half of that definition. The Softshell gloves have a nice faux lining that makes them feel soft and luxurious. The Glovely Cozy gloves are more utilitarian, with a woven polyester, yarn and spandex lining. It certainly isn’t abrasive; in fact, it feels a bit like overly laundered fleece. But compared to the faux fur of the other Softshell gloves I tried, the Cozy gloves by comparison don’t have the same softness.

Fortunately, the gloves deliver when you consider the “warm” part of their name. Whereas the other gloves I’ve reviewed so far struggled to keep my hands warm below 40 degrees, the Glovely Cozy gloves kept my hands warm down to about 35 degrees. On a casual hike I started to feel a little fingertip tingling after 20 minutes, but nothing that turned painful. On more-strenuous hikes – or when playing outside with my son – cold fingers never even crossed my mind after an hour.

Score a victory for the Glovely Cozy gloves, right? Sort of. Warmth is important, and these offer that. As long as you keep them dry. The exterior of the gloves looks sharp, a tightly woven mix of polyester, yarn, wool and three synthetics. But none of the materials is waterproof, and between the exterior and lining, the gloves are pretty thick. I wouldn’t go so far as to say they act like a sponge, but they definitely have more of an absorptive quality than the soft shells, especially in heavy rain. Where there’s moisture, there’s cold. And where there’s thick material, there’s a long drying-out time. Translation: if your fingers get cold in these gloves due to rain, they’re going to stay that way.

Speaking of fingers, the most surprising part about the Glovely Cozy gloves is their finger length. I don’t have massive ape hands, but even by my standards the fingers on these gloves are short. The thick interior lining means the fingers are tight, especially the first time you put them on for the day. This is overcome within moments, as the fingers stretch a bit wider soon after donning them. But the length never changes. The webbing always ends at about my second knuckle — one rung up on the finger ladder, so to speak. As a result, I found myself regularly clasping my hands together prayer-style to try and keep the gloves tight, but it never worked.

The short finger length also caused the gloves to slip off slightly, which caused even more hand clasping as I tried to keep them on. The manufacturer reassured me they’re aware of the finger-length issue and are fixing it in the next production run. But it’s notable enough that if you’re considering buying the Glovely Cozy gloves, you wait until the spring or summer of 2016 to pick up a longer-fingered pair.

Like others in the company’s line, the Glovely Cozy gloves include full touchscreen functionality and a microfiber care tag to wipe down a smartphone screen. These creature comforts, plus their decent warmth, make the Cozy gloves worth having around as a backup pair for dry weather. Just wait until the next production run, with longer fingers, to buy them. However, if your adventures include temperatures below 35 degrees Fahrenheit or any inkling of moisture (e.g. rain or melting snow), you’re best served looking elsewhere. And so my pursuit of the best gloves for people with Raynaud’s continues.

The Glovely Cozy gloves were provided for review. All opinions and words are my own and honest, and there are no affiliate links herein.

Glovely Cozy Gloves

Glovely Cozy Gloves


9.0 /10

Touchscreen Capability

10.0 /10


7.0 /10


9.0 /10


5.0 /10


  • Warmer than I expected considering the price
  • It's great to have warm fingers while using a touchscreen
  • Stylish enough to wear around town and work


  • Water is their worst heat-sucking enemy
  • The short finger length is a hassle
  • They're cozy by warmth, but the lining isn't super soft

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