Thermerino Jacket Now Available from Minus33

Thermerino jacket

The calendar says it’s the end of August, which means we have plenty of summer still left. But if you don’t start looking toward Fall clothing now, you’re going to be left out in the cold when the temperatures drop. The folks at Minus33 have started looking that direction. And they’ve done so with the launch of their very first coat, the Thermerino jacket.

As you can gather from the name, the Thermerino jacket uses wool for insulation. That wasn’t a surprising decision; Minus33’s history with wool clothing dates back 101 years. And if my experience with the Minus 33 Expedition wool socks is any indication, it could be a nice, warm decision as well.

The Thermerino jacket uses a “progressive continuous insulation” engineered from merino-wool fibers. Because it’s wool, the jacket is designed to retain its shape even when wet, an area where many (but not all) down jackets falter. Wool is also good at wicking moisture from the skin and squashing odors, which means physical exertion shouldn’t deter you from wearing the Thermerino.

The coat’s shell backs that up, as it’s made of 100% ripstop polyester and should avoid damage-inducing snags. Inside, the insulation is 85% wool and 15% polyester, while the lining is 70% tencel and 30% merino wool. On paper, those ingredients should make for a great fall jacket.

It may even hold up in winter, though the jury’s still out. Minus33 says the Thermerino jacket is good for snow sports such as skiing, snowboarding, skating and snowshoeing. You’ll probably want to add at least a baselayer and midlayer beneath it, though. And how it holds up in heavier rain and more-extreme cold remains to be seen.

For example, Minus33 suggests that you “throw a tougher shell layer over the top for those extreme adventures.” In effect, that would render the Thermerino jacket a midlayer. At $250 it’s spendy for a midlayer, but if that really is only for “extreme adventures” it might be all right. If only it were clear how they defined extreme. Hard rain? Bitter cold?

So at first blush, like the Thermerino jacket may be better option for Fall than Winter. I haven’t experienced it for myself — the jacket just came out — so if you’ve worn one I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Suffice it to say I’m intrigued, because Minus33 has a great insulation reputation.

Jonas Allen

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