Teton Sports YourLead Gear Van Roadtripping It this Summer

Teton Sports YourLead

The best camping and hiking gear not only works, but works well year after year. That durability, while great for misers like me, doesn’t always jive with the way some outdoorsy folks work. For those consumers, getting new gear every year or so is commonplace. But that presents a problem: what to do with all their gently used equipment? The Teton Sports YourLead program, unveiled Feb. 26 during the company’s weekly Twitter hikerchat, aims to solve that.

The YourLead program is billed as the “roadtrip of a lifetime,” though the trip is probably geared more toward, well, gear, than it is to the people who own it.

Teton Sports has partnered with the the Trade-Up program of GearForward, a non-profit that provides outdoor gear to “the next generation of stewards, adventurers, Scoutmasters and Girl Scout Leaders” so they can learn to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Through the Teton Sports YourLead program, a van of Teton’s brand ambassadors will traverse the United States to connect with outdoorsy folks and, ideally, to collect those folks’ donations of gently used gear. That hiking and camping gear will then end up in the hands of GearForward.

Although Teton Sports has already determined some of the YourLead van’s destinations (see below), the company’s open to suggestions. If you’d like to interact with the van and see if they’ll mosey over your way, you can use the Twitter hashtag #yourlead to chat with them. The TetonSports YourLead program also has its own Twitter and Instagram accounts, so it’s not just a matter of using the hashtag to chat with Teton’s “corporate” account.

The YourLead program officially begins its journey this summer, though if Teton Sports gets its custom-built van together in time, you may see it near a U.S. or Canadian trail near you in late spring.

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